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7:45 Breakfast Club

After attending a Club event as a guest I was approached by a Breakfast Club committee member. They asked me to look at the Clubs website and refresh their brand at the same time. 


Sept 2021
7:45 Breakfast Club


Web Design and Build


Form our meeting to discuss the new look and feel the words that stood out were fresh, contemporary and fun, bright. From this and researching the club, its history and what it means to its members I designed and presented a range of options of new logos. These went to the committee for consideration.

They came back choosing the new logo you see above. With its light contemporary style, minty fresh colour palette and being versatile to work across both print and digital applications it is a great fit.

The website especially was over due being reworked. It wasn’t responsive for mobile and the content was out of date due to its overly complicated content management system.

The website structure was simplified by removing excess pages to create single page site that is easy to navigate. Bringing the design up to date with clearly defined sections and giving the most important information – the meeting dates – the space they deserve all make for a better user experience.

Moving the site onto the WordPress platform, known for its versatility and easy to use CMS will allow the easy updating of content going forward.

This has been a great project to be involved in. It has gone smoothly from start to finish, the result of which is a simple to use and easy to navigate website that is straight forward to update and maintain for its users.

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